Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha USA

Welcome to the official website of the BSDS USA, a non-profit organization established as the USA chapter of BSDS with the blessing of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru in 2011. Whilst the Maitri Sangha is strengthening, learning and growing, this BSDS USA website will serve as the main resource unifying all the Global Maitri Community.


“The Simple Message of Loving Kindness” by Christopher

It's possible we are on the verge of something quite profound and may change our world dramatically. All from the simple message of loving...

“Guruji I Love You” by Marielle

Some days happen in life that will change you forever... It happened to me in May 2011 when I first met "Guruji" Maha Sambhodi Dharma...


Who is Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru?

Known today as Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru, He was born into a farmer's family in Nepal in 1990 as Ram Lal Bomjan. At the...



“My Way to the Maitri Love” by Marta

It was March 2017 when the adventure started. I had to leave India because my visa expired and I was trying to find a place in where to feed my soul with spiritual practices.