Jyampa Dorje’s Sister and Mother Sharing From the Heart


We remember the first time we saw Jyampa Dorje come home in his robes… we had never seen him so at peace, mentally and physically. When he then began to speak to us about his most recent experience being in Nepal and meeting Dharma Sangha, his happiness and excitement were overwhelming!

Through his absolute faith he has inspired so many people to go out and search for themselves what makes them happy, kind and compassionate towards all living beings. Michael Dorje has always been graced with the ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease; with this gift he has been able to tell people his beliefs and make them want to listen. He’s not pushy. His excitement and devotion are contagious!! We love him for this and even though it can sometimes be hard, (especially with his absence and how much we miss him!) we are beyond proud of him, his accomplishments, his love, kindness, compassion, and utter devotion to follow the practices of the Sangha.

I hope this helps you all to try and cope with the difficult times out there. There are always people somewhere in the world thinking of you and grateful for the work you are doing. We value your sacrifices and know, maybe not so easy to see, your families do too. With your help showing us the way we will reach the true beauty of life and this world.

Thank you to all of you and much love.

Maitri Mangalam,
April and Mum and Daphne (Jyampa Dorje’s sister, mum and cat)